The office may be gone but commercial real estate lives on.

Commercial real estate is everything not residential 1-4 unit owner and non-owner homes.  That’s a lot. 

If you’ve been following either me or the company on twitter, you would know that I am begging developers to look into converting office space to residential.  It’s a DUH move.  Solve your housing crisis.  You can go from helping the homeless to luxury depending on the building and location.

Now, I want to remind you about commercial property that will not go out of style anytime soon. Two of my favorites are warehouses and plants

Think Amazon.  They need to store items somewhere and so does the xyz’s company widgets. This also may also be a place where companies “stuff” is stored. A fresh, sanitized and safe warehouse, especially for food looks like an opportunity.

And, of course, there is still manufacturing in this company.  Some automated, some mixed, some not.  But, as time goes on, we know the robots will take over. Also, high speed 3D printers. That is what will end our dependance on oversees cheap labor goods.

Robots need to be manufactured, programmed and maintained.   

How can you make money?  Find the right property where it is away from people, can be self supporting, can have very high speed electronics piped in and has the climate where less issues will occur.  Then, show how it can be done.

Lots of work, but lots of reward!