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Buying a Home? Get Cash Back.

Use your rebate to negotiate, pay closing costs, repairs, improvements, reduce the price or take the rebate!

*Rebate is based on a buyer-broker fee of 2.5% less our full-service flat fee of $8,750. Your actual rebate will vary based on the contracts buyer-broker fee.

Five Ways to Use Your Rebate

  • 1 Use it when you negotiate. If everyone’s bid is about the same, we tell the seller that they can keep the amount over the flat fee. Nothing out of your pocket and you win the bid!
  • 2 Take the money after closing. I will ACH the funds after they clear my account 1099 free for you. You do have to adjust the basis of the home by the rebate.
  • 3 Pay for allowable closing costs including points that will save you thousands over the life and are tax deductible!
  • 4 Reduce the sale price when the seller agrees.

Yes, you read that correctly.  You can use your rebate to become a cash buyer. Ask Us How

The Arrivva Home Buying Difference

How We Fixed Real Estate

As a person ready to buy a home, we believe you should have transparent, full-service representation and



Flat Transparent Fee

Realtor Brokerage

2 - 3%

Of the Purchase Price

Full Service & Flat Fees

Takes the Time to Learn About What You Want

Slack Channel for Easy Communication

Electronic Calendar to Remember Important Dates

Legitimate Pre-Approval

No Dual Agency

Managing Broker Prepares Contract

Backed by a Reputation Built on Trust

Customers trust Fred Glick to help them buy a home. The average Zillow rating of 4.9 is a testament that Fred is able to consistently deliver results while maintaining the highest integrity and customer satisfaction.


Fred is amazing! He helped us close out our new home, and best of all, he is a very competitive agent!

Zillow 5-star

Eklavya Singh

San Jose, California


Fred is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have already started recommending him to my friends and family. I jokingly tell them that I've found the one honest real estate broker.

Zillow 5-star

Thomas Adams

San Francisco, California


I am a first time home buyer. Mr. Fred Glick very knowledgeable on the local market and very quick in responses and he uses Slack for all his communications. He is very honest, the transparent person throughout my journey of landing to our first home.

Zillow 5-star

Karthik Usrei

San Ramon, California

Over 2 Billion


of residential transactions since the 80s!
Zillow 5 Star

0 Rating

and Trusted


Zero Errors and Ommisions Claims

Our Process

Your real estate journey just got smoother.

Simply put, we expedite your process from beginning to end.

The Search

We help you find just the right house

We take to the time to learn about your unique situation and goals. Whether your ideal house is listed or off-market, we will work tirelessly to make your dream home a reality.

Purchase a home

The Offer

we represent you and only you

(remember, we don’t do real estate 3-somes- no dual agency). We’ll brief you throughout the entire purchase process, ensuring you are completely buying ready.

By the time you make an offer, you will be fully mortgage pre-approved through the Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter™ (DU™)/FreddieMac™ LP™ or your cash is verified. We’ll also help you craft a well-written love letter and an offer strategy that maximizes your position.

The Close


At the end of the day, you get all of the buyer-broker fees that the seller has offered, usually, 2 to 3 % of the sale price, less our full-service flat fee of $8,750 is your rebate.

There are ways to use the rebate. We can pay for closing costs, reduce the sale price to help you win competitive bids, reduce real estate taxes, repairs and improvements, or just take the rebate in cash.

The rebate is applied to the basis of the home, so you pay no federal income tax the year you receive the money. Of course, check with your tax nerd for details.

Purchase a Home

After the Close

You Are Not Alone

We’ll concierge for you if you need help to set up movers, change utilities, meet workman (even 30 days after closing!) Plus, you’ll have one hour with a lawyer, accountant, and therapist, on us.

Let's Find Your Home!

Schedule a no-pressure call back with Arrivva to learn more about how we can find your perfect home and save you money!  We don't do drip campaigns, we do do Slack™ channels 🙂

In order for Fred to help you, he needs to know your situation, your questions and he can let you know what to expect and how to prepare. Set up a time for a conference call either audio or video.

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