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Rates are under 3% in most cases.

Get wholesale rates plus our flat fee of $3k, not a percentage!
And yes, we have JUMBO!

The Arrivva Home Mortgage Difference

How We Fixed Real Estate

Fixed, flat lender, and borrower compensation.
not a percentage!

We NEVER run your credit
unless we both agree.


We are Real Estate brokers too.
We understand transactions.

Commitment and closing dates
are important to us.


Private Slack channels too!

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Backed by a Reputation Built on Trust

Customers trust Fred Glick to help them buy and sell their homes. The average Zillow rating of 4.9 is a testament that Fred is able to consistently deliver results while maintaining the highest integrity and customer satisfaction.


It's weird to write a review of a mortgage lender/real estate broker/agent. But here we go! Fred was super helpful from the very start (June 2019). We have an existing relationship with him and our rental agency so when we reached out we knew he'd be a good start.

Zillow 5-star

James Dean Booth

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Great to work with! Fred helped us get a mortgage and took us through a difficult process that had unusual circumstances. We closed and are in possession of our new home.

Zillow 5-star


Redondo Beach, California


Fred deserves twice whatever the lenders pay him. In my opinion, brain transplant surgery is undoubtedly easier than the process of refinancing a home. And that is the exact reason that I elected to bring in a broker instead of struggling down the road myself. Thank god I found Fred Glick.

Zillow 5-star


Palo Alto, California