Greed is Gone...

Vu Jade is here!

Vu Jade - something that should be familiar is suddenly very different...

Our Philosophy

The more people I tell this to, the more I understand that I am on to something.When I saw real estate agents making more than highly educated professionals, I knew something was wrong.  The proliferation of very large brokerages being involved with international conglomerates push prices way up.  But this is not that type of business.

One agency in the Bay Area requires, yes requires a minimum of 2.5% of the sale price plus $800 as a minimum gross commission for their agency.  Add to that another 2-2.5% for a selling agent that they feel they have to offer and it starts to add up.

Of course, they will put the home on all the major places after photos, etc.  Then, comes the open house.  Why? They will tell you they want to sell your house, but the big reason is to find new buyers and not compensate you.

I find this all ridiculous so I did something about it.

Simply, I will order and PAY FOR an appraisal and inspection. This way, we know the value for real and what is wrong with the home. From there, we will determine price and terms to offer.We then take the photography needed and list the place on all the places buyers will find it, the MLS, Zillow, Trulia along with mls syndicators like Redfin, and every national, and local IDX feed.

We then do only private showings for preapproved or cash buyers with proof.  Why?  Safety, the efficiency of time for all of us.

And, we will never, ever, ever do dual agency.  If an unrepresented buyer comes in, we will hand them over to an attorney to negotiate for them.

All this for $15,000.  Yes, $15,000.  (And that includes what is offered to a selling agent)  Get the best price, with the best representation set up by the best home presentation.

Wow.  Yea.  Vu Jade!

CALBre#01527098 . We service the San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz areas for now.  Coming soon to Los Angeles and a major city on the east coast!

Our Process

1. Before we list

  • Inspection and appraisal of your home
  • Design consultant for in and out of the house
  • Real estate attorney for an hour
  • Pull title insurance preliminary report
  • Geo Survey
  • High-quality photography including 3D, video if we think it will help
  • Estimate of closing costs

2. When we list

  • We will write an effective description of your property
  • Syndication to all the sites needed including Zillow, Trulia, along with placing it in secret groups that only agents have access to.

3. After we list

  • Only allow pre-approved or cash buyers in to see the property
  • Choose to have agreements presented one at a time or have a contract due date
  • Negotiate for you based on parameters you set
Your total cost
(You will be responsible for title, escrow, county, local and state closing fees as usual)

Fred’s the best! He really knows this town, block by block, and is on top of the market. Listens to what you’re looking for and won’t waste your time trying to sell you on properties that don’t fit your criteria. Super-quick response time, and hand-holding as necessary. We highly recommend him!
Sara and Matthew

Fred makes looking for the right home a tolerable and at times enjoyable process. It was evident that he wanted me to find the right home for me and not just consummate a deal – hence I never felt manipulated. I strongly recommend him because he embodies solid values and trust was a cornerstone of the relationship.

How we're different


Old School

  • Commission – 4-6%
  • Dual agency
  • Seller admin fees
  • Nothing paid for

Admin Fees:
Total Cost:

New School

  • $15,000, that’s it
  • No dual agency ever
  • No admin or seller fees ever
  • Inspections and appraisals that we pay for

Admin Fees:
Total Cost: