Our Vision

We envision a new model for real estate built upon equitable flat fee transactions.

A model that

cuts through bureaucracy

streamlines transactions

educates the consumer

democratizes the industry

And most importantly saves people gazillions of dollars.

About Arrivva

Our Mission

Arrivva's mission is to guide you through real estate transactions by providing professional business class service at an economy price.

Arrivva’s History and Philosophy as Told by its Founder, Fred Glick

Why Real Estate?

I grew up with real estate. Both of my parents were real estate brokers. My mother was one of the first women in the industry in the Philadelphia area. When I graduated college in 1977, a friend of mine gave me an accounting job. The company bought cheap real estate and opened medical facilities and large apartment buildings in urban areas. They bought the real estate as a tax shelter. The Tax Reform Act of 1986 took away tax benefits. I moved on to become more involved in the mortgage and real estate world. It wasn't until I moved to California in 2014 that I really got serious about real estate and the consumer. I shed my three-piece suit, let my hair grow below my shoulders, and never looked back.

What frustrations does Arrivva solve?

The biggest frustration people have these days is not being able to buy the property they want.

I figured out how to do commission structures without extravagances and paying giant commissions for people to acquire leads. On the buyer side, I work well with people who know what they want. I'd rather work with good people who get it because I enjoy it and it’s stimulating.

To put it in an airplane analogy, we're both in business class. There are plenty of first-class cabin agents that will handhold and go through the deep emotional strain to make sure you do things correctly. On the other side, you have the economy class, which is self-service. We are right in the middle of the business class. We are surrounded by people who are prepared.

We love rewarding people for being prepared by giving them amazing service and giving them a massive rebate that can sometimes be the difference between getting the house and not getting the house the want.

What are you most proud of?

I'm on every deal and every contract. I'm the only one to write the contract. I'm going to know about your situation. I may have a broker in another state, but I'm involved in every deal. No real estate brokerage can say that.

When I founded Arrivva, I wanted to make sure that I was the custodian and the one to guide these deals through so they're taken care of properly. I'm very proud that I’ve never had an error and omission claim.

I always tell people to ask their agent two questions: how much do you charge? and how many error and omission claims has your company had in the last three years.

What are the top three mistakes people make when they are choosing a real estate agent?

Number one is not asking the agent what they actually receive as compensation. If the answer is that the seller pays it, walk away. They're scared to have these people sign a contract saying you have to pay us two and a half percent because people read it and question why they are paying that much money. This is part of a lawsuit that the Justice Department has filed against the National Association of Realtors. Their answer is designed to deceive people.

Number two is they fail to ask questions about the agent's error and omission history.

Number three is choosing to work with a relative that just got their license. People assume that friends and family referrals are great. There’s only a small number of great agents representing people.

I'd like to add a fourth - Choosing to work with a Realtor.

What is your biggest objection with Realtors?

We have a higher standard of ethics.

Do a Google search for Justice Department versus NAR and that'll tell you.

How is Arrivva different from Compass, Berkshire Hathaway, or Coldwell Banker?

We're transparent. We're communicative on Slack. We show you in advance things you need to see like copies of contracts. We give you different links that are going to help you buy the house. We give you great service and have great negotiating skills. There’s value in the service.

This is about the core value of just doing it right. We'll run you through the first deal. We'll prepare you and tell you what you need to have to make an offer. We'll tell you things you don't want to hear and things you just don't believe us until you go through a transaction.

It’s the quality of the clients too. I want clients that understand what I’m doing and that I get along with.

How does Arrivva set up your home sale for success?

When we list the house we have it so prepared with inspections and disclosures that the house can close the first day it goes public.

We pay for things upfront that most agents don't do such as inspections, appraisals. We offer transparency.

Most agents don’t do the inspections ahead of time and when they do they make you pay for it, which means you're negotiating twice, losing deals, and failing out of escrow because of inspections.

Get everything done, disclose everything and be transparent. It's important to have transparency so that the house is set up for success right from the start so there are no surprises when you go into escrow.

What are the five ways you can use your rebate?

Number one is to give back to the seller during the negotiation. With that, you can have a better bid and get the property.

The second is the swing loan or bridge loan. With a swing loan, they'll give you the money to buy the house and put a loan on the property, which you refinance right after closing.

The third way we get the commission paid to us. After closing, we just give it back to you. This works with new construction too. In fact, it's the only way to do new construction.

The fourth way we reduce the sale price by that amount of the rebate. It reduces everybody's costs.

Lastly, we pay closing costs up to 6% of the sale price. This depends on where you are and what the mortgage company allows.

How has the digital age shaped Arrivva?

By sitting at home dealing with the struggles of Covid-19, we saw how impactful going digital is. People who visit the site see that we embrace the latest change and incorporate the latest technology to streamline the process.

Mostly, everything is online. I want to make life easier for every buyer. I have not had an office that I have gone to since 2013. Having a physical real estate office is a ridiculous waste of money.

Slack sets us apart from larger companies because I am tech-savvy and tech-focused. I’m not beholden to the way other agents are doing.