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Buying a Home?

We will teach you how to be prepared to buy,
refer you to an agent, you close, you get cashback!

how much can you save
by using an arrivva Referral?

*Cash Back is based on a buyer-broker fee of 2.5% and a 25% referral less our flat fee of $750.
Your actual cashback will vary based on the contract's buyer-broker fee.

How does this
cash back referral offer work?

We set up a Google Meet that can be audio or video.  We discuss your situation,
give you helpful guidance on the market, mortgages, inspections, etc.

Then we will help find you an agent who will send us a referral fee (usually 25% of the buyer broker fee).
We take out our flat fee of $750 and you get the rest!

During the entire process, we will have an open slack channel where we will show you
resources to guide your knowledge and a way for us to communicate.

Home Buyer's Boot Camp

Get the most out of your referral. You will get a 15-minute Google Meet with Fred Glick.  During this call Fred will teach you:

Learn how to bid to win

Get mortgages right

Private Slack channel

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