Open House……Dead

Let’s get this out of the way. The only reason real estate agent do an open house  is to attract possible buyer clients for them without disclosing or compensating owners. This is the mechanism that makes the whole path happen.

When an agent gets a buyer client from an open house, it costs them nothing. As a matter of fact, they make money when they sell the house and then move the cavalry to another address based on the fact they sold the last house and are the neighborhood experts.

What does neighborhood expert even mean in 2019?

Buyers are addicted to zillow and everything else real estate. They know where they want to live, they can tell you the walk score, they have already figured out how long it is going to take to drive or bike or train to work. They know that there is a 4.7 star sushi spot nearby. In other words, you do not need a neighborhood expert. 

The Google, etc. has replaced the knowledge of schools, awesome coffee shops, which dry cleaner is best, where is the hottest hot yoga studio.  No agent could know everything anyway.

And for the real way to buy a home……..

The people are preapproved and/or can prove funds are the ones that really buy. They also have a buyer-broker that will not only rebate them a significant amount of the buyer-broker commission that is 2.5%, they have a broker that knows how to research, plan strategy, very communicative with modern tools, and ca negotiate without emotion.

Stop wasting your weekends

Surfing, hiking, at a street festival. Don’t waste a weekend day looking at places. Make a personal appointment to see it on a verified self-show system.

And for Sellers

Have everything done on your end, an inspection for everything, make it clean, fresh, nice, pleasant and desirable. Be transparent and disclose absolutely anything. Because if you don’t, they will find out.

Then make sure the photography is both 2D HD and 3D. Digitally stage if necessary. Have a well written and understood description of the property without the unnecessary fluff. 

Do that, and enjoy Sunday screaming at the TV.

And most of all remember, it’s a business transaction.

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