Dual Agency Is Alive

No matter how much you think ethics are getting slaughtered in Washington State, our real estate agent friends have not lost a step.

No Dual Agency

My buyers (who are using me because of my flat fee and a 5-star rating on Zillow) saw a home before we connected. 

The listing agent showed them the house and gave them the same history and knowledge any listing agent would.

She was very excited that someone was interested in a home in the Seattle area that has been on the market for 4 months in an insane under-supply market where buyers are jumping over each other to get under contract.

The first email she sent to my people told them that she would be happy to write a contract.  They replied finally that I would be their buyer broker.   Instead of being gracious and hoping she gets the sale by helping me help them, she went the other.  And, in writing.  

She wanted to still write the contract.

Satisfied Buyer

My clients just responded with a polite, no, thank you.

Rebecca, seriously?  So desperate for both the buyer and seller commission.  Me, a discount broker?  Sorry, you have it backwards.  You (and the others in your cartel) overcharge clients and base it on a percentage.  You are not the client’s partner.  

It’s time to make dual agency illegal.

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