Welcome to a Revolution in Texas Real Estate With Fred Glick and Hallie Waller of Arrivva

Fred Glick, a Broker, Real Estate Realist, and Founder of Arrivva, holds a stellar track record with over $2 billion in residential transactions while grounded in a lifelong passion for real estate. Hallie Waller is a seasoned Texas Real Estate Broker with over two decades of experience in the industry. 

Join Fred Glick, and Hallie Waller, in the We Fixed Real Estate podcast by Arrivva where they share their expertise and insights in the constantly evolving landscape of real estate. Arrivva is a comprehensive real estate and mortgage brokerage, catering to qualified, motivated buyers, sellers, and mortgagees with a commitment to brokering with love, integrity, knowledge, a well-defined plan, and a transparent flat fee structure.

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Fred Glick introduces Arrivva’s expansion into Texas, bringing their successful California model to the Lone Star State
  • Hallie Waller shares her extensive real estate experience as she prepares to serve Arrivva’s clients in Texas
  • See how Arrivva challenges industry norms, noting their independence from the National Association of Realtors, while offering client-friendly services like transparent fee structure, and commitment to non-exclusive agreements
  • Find out Arrivva’s competitive mortgage rates and cash buyer program, revolutionizing the home buying experience with swift pre-approvals and guaranteed property purchases
  • Learn about Arrivva’s innovative inspection programs
  • Gain valuable tips on navigating the Texas real estate market as a buyer
  • See how easy it is to be an Arrivva client as Fred and Hallie invite Texas property buyers and sellers  to schedule consultations at arrivva.net

In this episode with Fred Glick and Hallie Waller

Join Arrivva CEO Fred Glick and Texas broker Hallie Waller as they revolutionize the real estate landscape in Texas, offering transparent fixed fees, innovative rebate programs, competitive mortgage rates, and expert insights into navigating the dynamic Texas market.

Tune in as they discuss their unique approach to real estate, tailored for the modern buyer, and share valuable tips and strategies for success. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover a new era of Texas real estate with Arrivva.


[00:00:00] Drew Thomas Hendricks: Welcome to We Fixed Real Estate with Fred Glick.

[00:00:02] Fred Glick: Hi, everybody. This is Fred Glick, the CEO of Arrivva. And along with me is our newest Texas broker, Hallie Waller. Say hi, Hallie.

[00:00:16] Hallie Waller: That’s me, Hallie Waller.

[00:00:18] Fred Glick: There you go. Easy enough. So we are licensed now in the state of Texas for real estate and mortgages taking our stuff that we’ve been doing in California and been really successful with and kind of pushing it into Texas as a new thing.

We are a full-service company and the difference is we have a fixed fee of 9, 750 as of today. And it’s been that for a while anyway, and you get the rest of any buyer-broker fee. Now buyer-broker fees are an interesting thing because there’s companies out there still charging a minimum of 2.5 or 3 percent of the sale price.

There’s other companies who are seeing all these justice departments and the lawsuits are coming down. Maybe they’re changing, but we’re way ahead of the curve. Basically, nobody’s doing what we’re doing and it’s been great in California. Most of our clients are in the tech world and they love it.

They get it and go to our reviews on Zillow or Google and you’ll see what we’re talking about. But let’s get down to a little more about Texas. Let’s start with Hallie and go tell us about yourself, your real estate experience, what you bring, and all that stuff.

[00:01:40] Hallie Waller: Sure. Well, my real estate experience started in 2003.

I moved to Dallas. Dallas, Texas. And I called that home in that DHF area for about 20 years. Got licensed shortly after in 2004, I believe. And quickly became a broker a couple of years, maybe four years later. So I’ve got lots of experience starting out in foreclosures. So that was a very fast-paced environment. We had a lot of

So, you’re around 2008, 2009, and all that crazy.

Yeah, it was we were busy, so that was a lot of experience real quick. And so that’s been extremely beneficial for me in my career.

[00:02:21] Fred Glick: And so you’ve been doing sales and listings and all that since then and you kind of get it. Okay, super. So I wanted to kind of run down the difference we have compared to other agents.

First of all, we are not members of the National Association of Realtors. What does that mean to you? It means that we’re not involved in any lawsuits that have to take our time away. We’re not, we don’t have the justice department bearing down our throats to look at our process because our process works.

We fully disclose upfront $9,750 for the buyer-broker fee. Go to your other, call well bankers and compass and all those sites and everybody you think. That you might use and just, first of all, look to see what they charge. They won’t tell you. It’s like the big secret. It’s been like, “Oh, everybody charges the same.”

So, but that’s called price fixing. So we’re a fixed price as opposed to price fixing. I like that. Okay. So here’s some other differences. The realtors have their own certain forms, not state-issued forms. We can get all the, the agreements and all that. It’s easy because the state actually issues the forms, but they have their own buyer-broker contract that they want you to use.

Here’s the problem with their buyer-broker contract. It’s exclusive, meaning think about it this way. You go into a room with strangers and you walk up to someone and it ends up, you have to marry them as opposed to dating them. That’s what’s having an exclusive agency agreement with a buyer is like, you’re stuck with this person.

Yeah, I’m sure there’s ways that are a pain to get out of it. And you have to prove that they did things wrong or something like that. We’re non-exclusive. And what does that mean? That means. You can see a house with us. You can see a house with another agent. We don’t care. But this way, if we don’t get along, or we’re not meeting your needs, or you’re not able to get approved for a mortgage or whatever the situation is, yeah, we say, “Thanks very much and see you later, and best of luck.”

So you don’t have that flexibility with using a realtor there. The second thing that’s a big deviation is we don’t do what’s called dual agency. We’ll never list the house and Hallie represent you as the seller and then represent a buyer. It’s like a lawyer. It’s like having one lawyer to defend yourself and prosecute yourself.

It’s just ridiculous. So again, that’s some old-school stuff. Communications-wise, we work off of Slack. If you know, Microsoft Teams, Slack, even WhatsApp p messaging. It’s really easy in Slack. We save all the documents in there. It’s there forever. It’s backed up every day. So we have everything and it’s just an easy way to just say, “Hey, what do you think of this house?” Or if, you know, “Here’s a Redfin link to this house.”

And then we go get disclosures. We find out about the properties and things like that. Then of course there’s our rebate and the rebates monstrous. Have you seen anybody doing rebates like we’re doing in Texas?

[00:05:52] Hallie Waller: Not like we’re doing no. I mean, you know, if it’s a friend, family, something like that, you’ll see a rebate. But it’s normally not.

[00:05:59] Fred Glick: Not advertise to the public. Yeah, pretty much. Everybody’s on the 2. 5 percent train.

[00:06:04] Hallie Waller: Or 3.

[00:06:05] Fred Glick: Or 3. Yeah, depending on the price. And the other thing we’re going to be able to offer, and this is on the mortgage side is our mortgage rates, if you’re under the Fannie Mae maximum mortgage amount, which nationally is, I haven’t memorized yet, 766, 550. We’re extremely super competitive because the way mortgage is, mortgages are priced and we’ll get that right.

Everybody basically has the same lenders, the same wholesale costs, and they just add on to that. So most of them are going to add one and a half to 2 percent of the loan amount. We, as a fixed price lender are going to add our fixed price of $4750 for mortgages. Now, that’s not anything you pay. It’s just the way that the rate gets determined because the lender pays us.

That’s how you’re able to get zero points and no-cost rates. But we’re getting fully underwritten pre-approvals in a day or two. Depending on how busy they are. So we get you super prepared. And the, but the other thing we’re going to have is a cash buyer program, which once you get that fully underwritten pre-approval, we’ll be able to take that to another lender that we have, who literally will close for you in 7 to 10 business days, not do an appraisal charge you like about a 1 percent fee and they’ll close.

But here’s the big thing, their approval says, if you don’t close, they will close and buy the property anyway. So it’s a guarantee. So we’re going to make you into a buyer that nobody else is going to even know how to do. So you’re going to go to the front of the line. We work with another part of the contract is the inspections.

We have a company we work with called Inspectify, and this will all be in your Slack channel when you work with us so that we can tell not only how much somebody is going to charge for an inspection, but also how their rating is and how quickly they can get out. So if we can get somebody out there in a day or two, we can put a really short time limit on the inspections.

They also are coming up with a program where you can pay for an inspector just to literally go out to the house with you and walk around. Say, “Hey, is this thing falling down?” You can say, “No, it’s fine. It’s not falling down. There’s going to be stuff done.” And then you can waive the inspection and that puts your offer way up at the top.

So we have a bunch of little things and depending on the house and you and what you want to do, how aggressive you want to be, we’re going to make a big difference. We’ve been doing this in California. It’s working. Washington State’s working. So now here we are in Texas. Hallie, can you tell kind of how it all works in Texas as a buyer and what to look for and houses, how to go to open houses, and any of that stuff you can give us advice?

[00:09:07] Hallie Waller: Yeah. Open houses are still around. They’re, agents are showing houses through the open houses, not only just on the weekends, but whenever, but weekends are pretty popular. And they, they’re doing great with getting people in the door, but you know, it just depends on the time, just depends on the market itself and the house itself.

[00:09:32] Fred Glick: Sure. What I tell people is if a house comes on the market, go to the open house. At the very 1st day at the very 1st minute, because there’s 50 people there, you know, you’re going to weigh overpay for this house, or it’s going to go for a really high number. So it really depends. We’ll find out whatever disclosures are available to us ahead of time.

We’ll check with the agents. We’ll work. Hallie will work with them and find out what’s going on. We’ll find out offer dates, all that kind of stuff. So, anyway, we’re looking forward to being in Texas and anywhere in Texas. We can work. So just make an appointment at arrivva.net and we’ll set up a Google Meet.

Hallie, me, you, we’ll, we’ll get on there. We’ll talk about everything you need, and then we’ll describe our entire process and get it rocking and rolling. So looking forward to Texas.

[00:10:31] Hallie Waller: Yeah, amen.

[00:10:32] Fred Glick: There we go. Okay. Cheers.

[00:10:36] Hallie Waller: Cheers.

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