Arrivva’s Fred Glick Featured on ABC World News Tonight: Discussing the Future of Real Estate Commissions

Arrivva abc world news, future of real estate commisions

We made the national news! Arrivva and our founder, Fred Glick, were featured in a ABC News interview, highlighting our pioneering role in transforming the real estate industry since 2017. As the national spotlight turns to the future of real estate commissions, Arrivva proudly stands as a long-established leader in the movement towards a more transparent, affordable, and consumer-centric real estate landscape.

During the interview, Fred Glick showcased Arrivva's innovative flat-fee model, which has revolutionized how buyers and sellers approach real estate transactions for the past six years. By offering buyers a flat fee of $9,750 and waiving buyer-broker fees for sellers, Arrivva has helped countless clients save thousands of dollars on their home purchases and sales.

We are thrilled to have our efforts recognized on a national platform and remain committed to leading the charge in reshaping the real estate industry. Watch the full ABC News interview with Fred Glick below to learn more about Arrivva's long-standing vision and the future of real estate commissions:

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