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Are you an ethical, licensed real estate professional who wants to be part of the future of brokerage?

The class action suits and the Justice Department situations will change how commissions work.

Be ahead of the curve.

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FairHousing is a new brokerage, a dba under Arrivva  Inc., (the leader in fixed-priced, full-service brokering) and is looking for agents ready to take advantage of our innovative new model where a minimum commission, liability, documents and realtor membership has been eliminated for agents.

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What We Offer

  • We have no minimum commissions
  • We do not require membership in the Realtor’s trade organization
  • We give you the flexibility to charge a fixed-priced broker, percentage, or work by the hour
  • We have no monthly fees
  • We give you Slack(R) and a Google(R) workplace account
  • We train you in negotiations, transparency and marketing
  • We prepare all contracts
  • We arrange for all services like photography, etc.
  • We do MLS posts
  • We will write your descriptions, order NHDs, title, etc.
  • We arrange your appointments
  • The broker is involved in every deal!
  • Mortgage origination with proper licensing
  • All at a flat fee of $3750 per deal
  • How we make a difference

Why Choose FairHousing?

We offer a unique and innovative way of doing business that puts you in control of your commission with the buyer and seller in mind.

No more 2.5% minimum commissions and odd conversations with prospects.

Rid yourself of corporate regulations and thrive without worrying about contracts while presenting value to you and your customers!

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