Arrivva could have saved homebuyers 18.7 Billion dollars in 2022

According to Statista the average home sales price in the US in 2022 was $540,000 with 5.03 million units sold.

If every home was purchased through Arrivva’s flat fee model, then $18,750,000,000* would have been put back into the homebuyer’s pockets.

*Skeptical? Here’s the math. Average home price = $540,000 multiplied by the average commission of 2.5% = $13,500
Subtract our flat fee of $9,750 and you get an average rebate of $3,750
Multiply the average rebate of $3,750 by the 5 million homes sold in 2022 and you get a total rebate of $18,750,000,000

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