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Selling your own home and already have a buyer lined up?
Concerned about dropping the ball or losing money on the sale?
Worried about navigating the transaction process?
Concerned about not knowing the details about the transaction?


If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions,

Arrivva's Transaction Broker service is the solution

Use our transaction broker service to streamline the process.


... I like the transparency in fees (more power to YOU the buyer), efficient use of technology for communication, – his expertise in the whole real estate process, and – his straightforward and no-nonsense approach to real estate transactions. Look do yourself a favor – get on the right side of how real estate needs should be done in the first place. Reach to this amazing team. Fred – thank you!


San Francisco, CA, USA

What is a transaction broker?

As a transaction broker, we offer non-partisan representation to both the buyers and the sellers to facilitate an already agreed-upon real estate sale.

In other words, you already have someone that wants to buy your home, you have already agreed upon the sale price and you need a service to make sure the transaction goes through legally and smoothly plus answer questions you have not thought about.

We offer a solution for a flat fee of paid by the buyer and/or seller.
No need to pay commissions to a buyer’s agent and a seller’s agent.

Through our iron curtain custodial program we help ensure that the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. This program ensures that the integrity of the transaction is maintained by both parties.

  • We open slack channels for all parties to participate so everything is in one place.
  • We include a transaction coordinator that handles all the paperwork.
  • We reimburse for inspections upon close of escrow.
  • We have a broker of record included in all transactions.

Benefits of Using a Transaction Broker for Your Real Estate Sale


You know the price upfront and you'll save money on the full commission that realtors charge. By charging a flat fee, we provide the buyer and/or seller with full services at a price that makes sense. 


Transaction brokers provide the same legal duties to all clients. The broker-client relationship stays the same whether you are the buyer or the seller. They don't have loyalties to either party. They share an equal interest with both parties. They present the information in forms and disclosures in a way that's easy to understand.


Transaction brokers want the best outcome for all parties involved. They act as a mediator for buyers and sellers. This promotes the cordial and interdependent environment for the sale


Transaction brokers are liable for errors and omissions. They must meet the obligations stated under the law.


We make sure all inspections, appraisal, mortgages are completely properly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transaction Broker Services

No. A dual agency represents both the buyer and the seller while a transaction broker represents neither party and acts as a neutral third-party resource.

We are strongly opposed to Dual Agency.  Learn more here.

Let Arrivva Handle Your Real Estate Sales Transaction

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Fred is amazing! He helped us close out our new home, and best of all, he is a very competitive agent!

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Fred is an absolute pleasure to work with. I have already started recommending him to my friends and family. I jokingly tell them that I've found the one honest real estate broker.

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Thomas Adams

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I am a first time home buyer. Mr. Fred Glick very knowledgeable on the local market and very quick in responses and he uses Slack for all his communications. He is very honest, the transparent person throughout my journey of landing to our first home.

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Karthik Usrei

San Ramon, California

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