Christine Aitkins

Christine Aitkins

El Cerrito, California!
El Cerrito, Calif. has been the home for my husband and our small family since November 2012 when we moved here from San Francisco after our second son was born. He was just ten days old when we moved. And I had had a C-section.

My advice to new parents: DO NOT MOVE immediately after your baby is born, and especially if you’ve a C-section. MOVE BEFORE and settle in so when the baby arrives it is not massive chaos.

After a very long, arduous move across the San Francisco Bay in which we packed and unpacked all our stuff, we settled into El Cerrito and we’ve loved it ever since!

A Bit of History
As a history major, I relish studying the past so I’m providing you a bit of it for El Cerrito.

El Cerrito was incorporated as a city in 1917 with 1,500 hundred residents.

Formerly known as Rust, the city was founded by Wilhelm F. Rust. Rust was born in Hanover, Germany and immigrated to California in 1883. He built a blacksmith shop and later opened a hardware store where the first post office in El Cerrito was established in 1909.

The residents of Rust renamed the city to El Cerrito — which translates to ‘Little Hill’ in Spanish — because they didn’t like the name Rust. I think we’re all glad they renamed the city!

Today El Cerrito is a family-friendly community that borders Albany to its south; Kensington on the hill on the southeast; and Richmond to the north and east. El Cerrito currently has a population of 24,000 residents.

We have two school-aged boys (6 years and 8 years old) and El Cerrito has a lot to offer our family. Nestled between the East Bay Hills and the San Francisco Bay, El Cerrito’s temperate weather ranges between 50 to 80 degrees year-round.

More details about El Cerrito next week.