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Government shutdown makes it harder to get a mortgage

According to Fannie Mae, for loans other than high-LTV refinances with application dates on or after Jan, 16, borrowers must have reserves equal to whichever is greater: -Two months of documented reserves or For loan case files underwritten through D {...}

Fixed Price Renter Representation

Yes, we do rentals. We are happy to help you find a new property by making sure you are looking in the right area for the right place with the proper documentation and the landlords checked out. Here’s what offer: We do the online {...}

“Five and Six Percent Commission are Over” CNBC Fred Glick on 12/31/2018 announced that paying 5-6% for real estate commissions are dead.  Official.  Done. {...}

Mortgage Interest Rates are Too High

The concern about interest rates is tied to everything else that is happening.  Brexit, the tariff games, the issues with the special counsel, price of housing, etc. People have taken all of that and said that they need stability in the econom {...}

Trump tariffs on China could bring higher mortgage rates. Really high.

Could the tariffs being imposed on China end up destroying the U.S. real estate market in 30 seconds? The Chinese are one of the biggest buyers of mortgage backed securities and U.S. treasury notes. If they decide to sell a big share of them and the {...}

Silicon Valley middle class people, I have an answer to your housing needs

A lot of press has been written about the fact that teachers who work in school districts in high priced areas have to travel many hours each day just to go back and forth to work because of skyrocketing prices. The average 3 bedroom home is not affo {...}