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#1 Welcome to WFRE

October 8, 2020

Welcome to We Fixed Real Estate! Sponsored by’s $8,750 Flat Fee. Fred Glick is the managing broker with lots of transactions, years in the business, mortgage knowledge (NMLS#133975), negotiation thrills, 4 broker licenses, and Misty McAfee, the co-host extraordinaire.  We are here to help you prepare the perfect strategy to make sure you get the […]

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Hello San Francisco (Video)

October 3, 2020

Update on SF market! What you want and need to know right now.

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Who Pays What in California

September 19, 2020

Every county in California has different paid fees based on the buyer or the seller on a real estate transaction.  This will show who pays the title insurance, escrow fees, transfer taxes in both counties and cities. Here is a list by county in Google sheets that you are welcome to download. 

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Dual Agency Is Alive

September 9, 2020
No Dual Agency

No matter how much you think ethics are getting slaughtered in Washington State, our real estate agent friends have not lost a step. My buyers (who are using me because of my flat fee and a 5-star rating on Zillow) saw a home before we connected.  The listing agent showed them the house and gave […]

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The Mission to Civilize

May 5, 2020

We do not do due agency deals.  What’s that?  That’s when the agent represents both the buyer and the seller and makes a DOUBLE commission. The number of deals that go to agents that do this is astounding.  The number of states that ban it is pathetic, 3.  Why should you care?  If you are […]

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The office may be gone but commercial real estate lives on.

May 3, 2020

Commercial real estate is everything, not residential 1-4 unit owner and non-owner homes.  That’s a lot.  If you’ve been following either the company on Twitter or me, you would know that I am begging developers to look into converting office space to residential.  It’s a DUH move.  Solve your housing crisis.  You can go from […]

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Rent or Buy | Post-Apocolypse Version

April 19, 2020

I swore by The New York Times calculator.  It still is the gold standard. They had excellent help and great UI and UX. Have fun, go there and fill it in. Take a snapshot, then come back here. OK, forget about everything you just saw.  It’s somewhere in 2021.  We are all over the shock of […]

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The New 3 Most Important Things in Real Estate

April 11, 2020

Real estate prices are coming down—the most obvious thing on the economic planet.  We don’t know how we will come out of this, but we do know that millions of people will not be able to work, companies are not going to generate net income like they used to.  In other words, there will not […]

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COVID-19 and Your Mortgage

April 4, 2020

The recently passed Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act places special requirements on companies that report your payment information to credit reporting companies. These requirements apply if you are affected by the coronavirus disease pandemic and if your creditor makes an agreement (called an “accommodation” in the Act) with you to defer a […]

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Mortgaged Property Owner Solution to the Covid-19 Crisis

March 29, 2020

It’s March 29, 2020 and there’s a pandemic going on as you all know.   For the real estate shopper pre-corona, there were digital fistfights for property all up and down the coast of California and the Seattle area. I lost deals with buyers paying over $250,000 easily over list prices and waiving everything.  The […]

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