Yes, we do rentals. We are happy to help you find a new property by making sure you are looking
in the right area for the right place with the proper documentation and the landlords checked out.

Here’s what offer:

We do the online searching

We make appointments

We check the landlord out as best as we can

We get your documents correct upfront to be able to present your best case to a prospective landlord

We either review the landlord’s lease or we prepare the lease with the State and Realtor approved forms.

We can store your docs and communicate with Slack channels

All this for a flat fee of $ 1000.00. If the landlord is paying more to a broker, we will rebate you the money back!

Want more info or ready to rent?  If you are looking from Marin to San Jose, call or Text Fred at 650-935-5626 or